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OrangeTheory Fitness Prices & OrangeTheory Membership Cost

Orange Theory is a recently established fitness and health club in the United States that help you build your best self. Orange Theory began providing services in 2010 in Florida but today it has its franchises in over 38 US locations.

Orange Theory’s proven fitness expertise has made it one of the most famous health clubs across the United States. It provides affordable and customized training experiences which stand out. They offer free lunch and burn intro classes along with free team-building workouts.

Orange Theory uses advanced technical methods and heart screens to monitor members’ heart rates. This rate is used to then conduct little bunch sessions to ensure they only consume the number of calories that are conceivable at that moment. 

Such smart methods and fitness sessions are hard to find anywhere else. You can call to learn about the theory and book yourself a free trial session too. If you like it, you can get the membership at a discounted price. Let’s have a look at the membership costs and prices:

OrangeTheory Fitness Prices – OrangeTheory Fitness Membership Cost


Monthly Memberships

Basic (4 Sessions Per Month)

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Basic) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Basic) $59.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Basic) $0.00

Elite (8 Sessions Per Month)

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Elite) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Elite) $99.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Elite) $0.00

Premier (Unlimited Sessions)

Initiation Fee (One Person) (Premier) $0.00
Monthly Fee (One Person) (Premier) $159.00
Cancellation Fee (One Person) (Premier) $0.00

Additional Session

Additional Session (Extra) $18.00

Session Packages

Packages are good for a full year from date of purchase.

10 Sessions $199.00
20 Sessions $359.00
30 Sessions $499.00

Drop In Rate

1 Session $28.00

What Is Orange Zone Exactly?

Orange Zone

Orange Theory basically runs on the concept of the “afterburn effect “ or the EPOC. This is the after exercise excess oxygen consumption. Thus, to stay within the Orange Zone, the workout is done within those few minutes post-exercise lasting up to around 12 minutes. One needs to sign up for this OTF Orange Theory workout. 

Working out in the orange zone is known to improve endurance and burn more calories at a much greater pace.

It is possible to burn calories at a higher rate through the afterburn effect, even after you have finished your workout. It is believed that this will increase your endurance and general fitness.

Special Equipment Used During Orange Theory  Sessions

To screen the heart rate after a workout you will be given a

  1.  OTBeat Core (a chest strap)
  2.  OTBeat Burn (a wrist strap)
  3.  OTBeat Burn (which can be placed around your forearm, wrist, or your  bicep), as 
  4. OTBeat Link (which can be worn on your wrist, forearm 
  5.  OTBeat Link (which can be linked via the Apple Watch)

This advanced equipment monitors the heart rate which is displayed on the gym screens. The theory revolves around the target of burning maximum calories in those 12 minutes. The Orange Theory app lets you track every minute of the orange zone workout and reward you with a “Splat Point”.

  Fitness Price Overview Of The Orange Theory

The membership of the club is unlimited with an installment every month. The membership includes all the facilities. There are different levels of membership. The higher the level, the cheaper it is on a monthly basis. The three levels are: 

  • Orange Basic 
  • Orange Elite
  • Orange Premier

These prices may vary as per the location. Every level has an option to pay for additional guests. 

Orange Basic 

The Orange Theory basic includes 4 classes per month and extra classes at a lesser rate at $59/month. This is one of the most economical ranges in this industry. Members can avail themselves of top-notch cardio equipment, fitness classes, free weights, and training areas. For upto two additional guests, no extra fee is charged.

The price you are paying is very reasonable and offers value for money. This basic membership can be upgraded to the orange elite package by paying an additional $9. With the upgrade comes a 10% personal training session discount. This also unlocks your access to the following:

  1. All orange theory gym located anywhere around the globe. Along with this, you avail
  2. Free Towel Service
  3. Freewater bottle every day

Orange Elite

Orangetheory’s Elite Package includes eight classes/month, and it offers Extra classes at a reduced rate which is priced at $99 per month. Along with this, the member gets

  1. Free daily shakeology drink
  2. Discount on private training sessions
  3.  Discount on supplements
  4. Unlimited gym access and cardio equipment, machines training areas. 

Workout sessions are fun here. Additional perks of the elite package are quite attractive.

Orange Premier

Orangetheory’s Premier Package has unlimited classes, and a reduced rate for families, and it costs you $ 159 per month.

At the Orange Premium, you unlock

  1. All perks of Orange Elite level
  2. Wide variety of classes
  3. Unlimited guest passes every month
  4. Fun workout group sessions with friends or peers.  
  5. Special pricing on supplements-15% off
  6. Anytime access to the gym

 Clearly, this is the best package of all levels at an additional $9 per month than the elite package.

Orangetheory’s class Packages

Orangetheory’s class Packages –

  • 10 sessions for $199.00, 
  • 20 sessions for $ 359.00, 
  • 30 sessions for $499.00 

Individual sessions cost you around $28.00.

Unlike all popular fitness centers, OrangeTheory Fitness has no initial fee which is an added bonus. The monthly membership costs $160. Working out 5 days a week would cost only $8.00 per day.

Orange Theory Student Discount

 Unlike most health clubs, currently, the Orange Theory gives no students discounts.

You may visit nearby OrangeTheory gyms to inquire about the upcoming student offers. 

Orange Theory Discount Offers and Class Sequences

For everyone who is a fitness enthusiast, the orange Theory has an offer. It gives a motivational push while enrolling for the workout. The offers are like

  • First Free workout / Class offer
  • Try 2 Free Workouts offer
  •  Free bottle of water offer,
  • Retail Discount offer
  •  Membership discount offer for both members and non-members
  •  Pack discount,
  • Black Friday offer
  •  Holiday gift Other offers like bundles are available on Orangetheory’s official website.

For ongoing Orangetheory offers Click here

What Do People Say About Orange Theory

The orange theory clients say good words about the service. The results are quite impressive too in such a short time interval, especially amongst pilate lovers. Many people demand the orange theory clubs be opened at more locations around the country. 

The OTF founder, Ellen Latham calls it the next-gen workout training session and refers to it as the ultimate workout. As claimed by an OTF member, his workout sessions were super successful and he reduced a lot of fat in no time. The OTF effect must raise the heartbeat to 85% which will speed up the metabolism of that person. Thai in turn reduces fat quickly over time.

OrangeTheory Fitness Locations

FAQs About OrangeTheory Prices

How much is a 10 pack of classes at Orangetheory?

Orangetheory’s 10 pack of classes Price is $ 199.00.

Does Orangetheory have family rates?

Orangetheory’s Orange Premier package offers discount rates for families. Family members added to the same plan can get a discount of about $ 20 per month. The discount rate may vary by location.

Does Orangetheory offer student discounts?

No, Orangetheory Fitness does not offer student discounts. For new offers, You can check out their official website.

Is Orangetheory unlimited worth it?

Yes, OrangeTheory Fitness Monthly Fee for Unlimited Sessions is $ 160. Even if you attend a class only five days a week, it will cost only $ 8.00 per day, which is reasonable.

How much is Orangetheory fitness per month?

OrangeTheory Fitness per month varies as per the locations and levels selected.

1.Orangetheory’s Premier Package (Unlimited classes) – $59 per month
2. Orangetheory’s Elite Package (eight classes) – $99 per month.
3. Orangetheory’s Basic Package (four classes) – $59 per month
4. Orangetheory’s class Packages – 10 sessions for $199.00, 20 sessions for $ 359.00, 30 sessions for $ 499.00, and an individual session costs you around $ 28.00.

Does Orangetheory have a drop in rates?

Orangetheory drop-in rates: The first class of Orangetheory is free for everyone. Its packages range from $ 59 (four classes per month) to $ 499.00 (30 sessions per month).

Orangetheory drop-in rates vary by location, but the average drop-in rate for a member is $ 28.00.

How much does Orangetheory cost?

OrangeTheory Cost: 

Orangetheory’s Premier Package (Unlimited classes) cost is $59 per month
Orangetheory’s Elite Package (eight classes) cost is $99 per month.
Orangetheory’s Basic Package (four classes) cost is $59 per month

Final Verdict

You may withdraw from their membership at any point of time after a 30 day notice period. The bookings are easily done online. So why wait to enroll yourself in a life-changing experience? Book a free trial class today!

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