Z Club NY Instructors

Angelina Alfaro

I firmly believe everybody and every BODY can dance. Come on and try!

Shahidah Ansari

Inspiring people to be fit and have fun is what I live for.

Anna Baldwin

Smile, sparkle, glitter, shine and Zumba®!

Diego Chauca

Motivates and mentors his students through high-intensity and energetic Zumba classes.

Edmee Cherdieu D’Alexis

Zumba is the sun from the Caribbean that I miss every day.

Micky Chorny

Let’s have some fun!

Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis

Get ready to have fun!

Josip Fabian

My class is engaging and focuses on technique. Be ready for a true explosive Zumba® experience!

Jamie Forward

Jamie Forward started dancing at 3, with an eternal love for music and movement.

Sarah Grimaud

My high-energy classes will make you sweat and smile!

Lana Herzig

Achieve your BEST while having a blast!

Irena Meletiou

Dance is my passion, and Zumba® is how I share it with the world

Wilfredo Negrillo

Get ready to dance, laugh, sweat, and shout.

Yxia Olivares

Yxia Olivares

If you Believe it , you CAN achieve it!

Volha Parkhats

Life is a dance! So come and live passionately! I know just the way!

Celeste Rivera

Music and movement speak for you when you don’t have the words.

Sabrina Ursaner

Come join the party!!

Nataliia Vasylieva

High-energy, fun and intense class for everybody!

Marcella Walker

Armed with the joy of dance, there is never a dull moment in my classes!