David Lloyd Prices

David Lloyd Prices And Membership Cost

If you want to enjoy swimming, sports, and fitness with your children or loved ones, get yourself a membership for David Lloyd. It offers a perfect space for socializing.

David Lloyd Gym Prices

David Llyod was established by a tennis player in 1984. The pioneering concept was sought to create a peaceful and safe exercising and rejuvenating environment.

David Llyod is more than just a gym. It offers a very active and positive environment. David Lloyd Leisure is one of the finest leisure, health, and sports clubs in Europe with over 6,60,000 members. It has over 123 clubs around the continent with 100 clubs in the mainland and the rest in the Republic of Ireland and Mainland. 

David Lloyd Leisure provides top-notch facilities and equipment for you to stay lean. You can get the 14-day pass at €19.95 to avail of the prices. The well-equipped group exercise studio, gyms, top-class racquet, and heated indoor and outdoor pools provide the finest range of experiences. 

The services are super economical and well worth the price. The world-class personal training and advanced features help you avail yourself the best. It also complies with the Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) principles and COVID 19 guidelines.

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The services include:

  • Swimming  
  • Fitness classes  
  • State-of-the-art gyms & expert Personal Trainers
  • Racquets 
  • Spa  
  • Clubrooms  
  • Kids activities & crèche 

David Lloyd Prices

The David Lloyd Prices are very affordable. The vantage members receive an instant discount of 10% on the health and drink and the new members also get a free towel on joining. David Lloyd also gives a free guest pass per month and access to their Celsius spas in various clubs. They get access to the Let’s take a look at their prices:

Indv. Monthly £94.50
Indv. Monthly (Vantage) £117.00
Indv. Yearly £1,021.00
Indv. Yearly (Vantage) £1,264.00
Indv. Flexible £113.50
Indv. Flexible (Vantage) £140.50
Couple Monthtly £77.00
Couple Monthly (Vantage) £95.00
Couple Yearly £832.00
Couple Yearly (Vantage) £1,026.00
Couple Flexible £92.50
Couple Flexible (Vantage) £114.00
Indv. Corporate Monthly £85.00
Indv. Corporate Monthly (Vantage) £107.50
Indv. Corporate Yearly £918.00
Indv. Corporate Yearly (Vantage) £1,161.00
Indv. Corporate Flexible £102.00
Indv. Corporate Flexible (Vantage) £129.00
Couple Corporate Monthly £85.00
Couple Corporate Monthly (Vantage) £85.00
Couple Corporate Yearly £107.50
Couple Corporate Yearly (Vantage) £794.00
Couple Corporate Flexible £986.00
Couple Corporate Flexible (Vantage) £88.25
Indv. Off-Peak Monthly £109.50
Indv. Off-Peak Monthly (Vantage) £79.50
Indv. Off-Peak Yearly £102.00
Indv. Off-Peak Yearly (Vantage) £1,102.00
Indv. Off-Peak Flexible £95.50
Indv. Off-Peak Flexible (Vantage) £122.50

David Llyod Senior Membership Price

Indv. 65+ Monthly £73.50
Indv. 65+ Monthly (Vantage) £96.00
Indv. 65+ Yearly £794.00
Indv. 65+ Yearly (Vantage) £1,037.00
Indv. 65+ Flexible £88.25
Indv. 65+ Flexible (Vantage) £115.25
Couple 65+ Monthly £59.95
Couple 65+ Monthly (Vantage) £78.00
Couple 65+ Yearly £648.00
Couple 65+ Yearly (Vantage) £843.00
Couple 65+ Flexible £88.25
Couple 65+ Flexible (Vantage) £115.25
Health & Fitness Indv. Monthly £84.60
Health & Fitness Indv. Monthly (Vantage) £107.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Yearly £913.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Yearly (Vantage) £1,156.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Flexible £101.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Flexible (Vantage) £128.50
Health & Fitness Couple Monthly £66.50
Health & Fitness Couple Monthly (Vantage) £84.50
Health & Fitness Couple Yearly £719.00
Health & Fitness Couple Yearly (Vantage) £913.00
Health & Fitness Couple Flexibile £79.95
Health & Fitness Couple Flexible (Vantage) £101.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Monthly £76.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Monthly (Vantage) £98.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Yearly £821.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Yearly (Vantage) £1,064.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Flexible £91.25
Health & Fitness Indv. Corporate Flexible (Vantage) £118.25
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Monthly £63.50
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Monthly (Vantage) £81.25
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Yearly £686.00
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate (Vantage) £878.00
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Flexible £91.25
Health & Fitness Couple Corporate Flexible (Vantage) £97.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Off-Peak Monthly £71.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Off-Peak Monthly (Vantage) £93.50
Health & Fitness Indv. Off-Peak Yearly £767.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Off-Peak Yearly (Vantage) £1,010.00
Health & Fitness Indv. Off-Peak Flexible £85.25
Health & Fitness Indv. Off-Peak Flexible (Vantage) £112.25
Health & Fitness Couple Off-Peak Monthy £57.50
Health & Fitness Couple Off Peak Monthly (Vantage) £75.50
Health & Fitness Couple Off-Peak Yearly £621.00
Health & Fitness Couple Off-Peak Yearly (Vantage) £816.00
Health & Fitness Couple Off-Peak Flexible £69.00
Health & Fitness Couple Off-Peak Flexible (Vantage) £90.50
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Monthly £61.50
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Monthly (Vantage) £84.00
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Yearly £665.00
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Yearly (Vantage) £908.00
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Flexible £73.75
Health & Fitness Individual 65+ Flexible (Vantage) £100.75
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Monthly £51.95
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Monthly (Vantage) £70.00
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Yearly £561.00
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Yearly (Vantage) £756.00
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Flexible £62.25
Health & Fitness Individual Couple 65+ Flexible (Vantage) £84.00
Young Adult 18-22 yrs Monthly £55.95
Young Adult 18-22 yrs Yearly £605.00
Nanny Monthly £30.50
Nanny Yearly £330.00
Nanny Flexible £36.50

David Lloyd Children & Teens Membership

Child 3 Mths – 2 years Monthly £8.50
Child 3 Mths – 2 years Flexible £92.00
Child 3-4 Years Monthly £10.25
Child 3-4 Years Yearly £11.00
Child 3-4 Years Flexible £118.80
Child 5-13 Years Monthly £13.25
Child 5-13 Years Yearly £28.95
Child 5-13 Years Flexible £312.75
Child 14-18 Years Monthly £34.75
Child 14-18 Years Yearly £33.15
Child 14-18 Years Flexible £358.00
Junior 14-17 Years Monthly £39.80
Junior 14-17 Years Yearly £632.00
Junior 14-17 Years Flexible £70.25

David Lloyd Gym Timing

Week Timing
Monday 7 AM–11 PM
Tuesday 7 AM–11 PM
Wednesday 7 AM–11 PM
Thursday 7 AM–11 PM
Friday 7 AM–11 PM
Saturday 7 AM–8 PM
Sunday 8 AM–8 PM

The 14 Day Trial Details

  • The 14 days trial period fees may vary from location to location and the prices vary too.
  • It is not interchangeable with any other club location. 
  • People below 18 shall be accompanied by a legal guardian. 
  • The temporary membership may be terminated at any point about the club.
  • You are required to carry your ID for availing the trial pass.

David Lloyd Membership

A wide variety of ranges and packages is available for all the fitness freaks out there.

The following list shows how:

1. Duration

Standard – Initial 12-month Interval and then 3 months’ notice

Flexible – Prices a Bit more each month and Provides more flexibility with the initial 3-month Interval and then one month’s notice.

2. Type

The couple – For couples over 18 Age (must be a couple and agree to the terms and conditions of the David Lloyd Club)

Individual – This civility is for a person above 18 years of age

Child Membership (up to 2 years) – Children up to 2 years old can be added to the guardian’s individual membership for free

Child Membership (for 3 to 18-year-olds) – 3 to 18-year-olds can be added to the guardian’s individual membership.

3. Access

Club Platinum – Unlimited and exclusive club accessibility, a free towel per trip, monthly guest pass, and a 10 percent discount on All-Stars and Clubroom drink and food. Facilities vary by club.

Club Plus – Accessibility to the club at all times, facilities vary by club.

Club Membership – Access to the club at off-peak times during the day, this does not include racquet sports.

FAQs About David Lloyd Prices

Does David Lloyd do an NHS discount?

An instant NHS discount of £30 is offered on all bookings. But this is only available to NHS members. One needs to be the lead passenger and travel on the booking. 

How much is David Lloyd membership Emersons Green?

The membership prices are very reasonable. They are priced at £129 per month for full club membership, and its basic package is £ 66, while for children ages 3 to 18, it is £ 32 per month.

Are David Lloyd’s prices negotiable?

It depends on the club location and may vary. An instant discount of 10% is offered to the corporate members. 

Can you get a day pass for David Lloyd?

It also depends on the location and staff of the club. One needs to clarify it with the nearest club. 

Is David Lloyd worth the money?

Yes, it is totally worth the money. To avail state of the art facilities, sports, and health facilities, book yourself a membership now and get to access these with your loved ones! 

Can I change my David Lloyd club?

Yes, it can be done via an initial induction period. 

How is the customer service?

The customer service is a little impolite and the reviews are not very well.


Thus, David Lyod has the most affordable rates and the best of services. The most advanced equipment and amenities will give you a top-notch socializing and fitness experience. You can try it for yourself and see why we call it the best!

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