Guadeloupe Zumba® Retreat April 2017

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TRACE TV, Z Club NY, and Guadeloupe Islands present Fitness Island Camp – GUADELOUPE EDITION 2017.

Discover the unique charm of Guadeloupe as you dance and have some healthy fun surrounded by the island’s natural beauty. We are honored to invite you on our 3rd Z Club NY Zumba® retreat in Guadeloupe with improvements based on feedback from previous participants. We are pleased to offer a longer retreat with more activities at the SAME resort. Join us for 5 days on an adventure that will engage all of your senses. An experience you are sure to cherish forever – ask our customers who’ve been out with us and are coming back again this year.

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#feelgoodnow challenge 2017

#feelgoodnow Challenge starts Jan 9! (extended thru Jan 16!)

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Happy 2017 – the year to #feelgoodnow. A brand new slate, a fresh start, and so much to look forward to. We invite you to join us in the Z Club NY #feelgoodnow challenge starting January 9, 2017 (extended to start through Jan 16) for 42 days or 6 weeks. Why 42 days? Studies show it takes 21 days to create a habit. So we see that number, and we double it. Take this week to set your intentions for a healthy, fulfilled, clean eating, dancing, active, and calm you, full of positive energy, and join the challenge! 

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Exclusive December Video – Master Class January 8!

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6am Saturday alarms going off, and not. The easy, fast and always smelly subway rides. A delayed Uber ride. Waiting in front of not-yet-open coffee shop shivering bundled up in all types of winter wear we own. Greeting the sun over the city on a weekend morning in the empty streets of the financial district. Free coffee offers from baristas who are tellingly not in awe of our reality. We are pumped. It’s taping time!

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Vitamin D & Mushrooms

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With the overcast weather – and the cold – it’s gets difficult to obtain our vitamin D from the sun. (What sun?) So while the sun is warming up the beautiful people of the southern hemisphere we need to find ways to compensate up in the north, until it’s back with us in a few months.

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Haiti Fundraiser Exciting Prizes and Updates

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The time is near now. We are very excited with all the developments on the Fundraiser.
This Sunday starting at 12pm we will be dancing and getting our sweat on to help lend a hand to the children of Haiti who have been impacted by Hurricane Matthew. All proceeds go to PRODEV Haiti.
We have a great line-up of our all-star instructors and attractive prizes to make sure that the event is an unforgettable one!

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Our Thanksgiving Thanks

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The year has turned its circle,
The seasons come and go.
The harvest all is gathered in
And chilly north winds blow.

Orchards have shared their treasures,
The fields, their yellow grain,
So open wide the doorway —
Thanksgiving comes again!

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