We Are Z Club NY

We inspire a generation of busy people to invest in a healthier lifestyle while having fun

Our mission at Z Club NY is to inspire a generation of busy people to invest in a healthier lifestyle while having fun.

Dance Fitness Classes

Z Club NY takes the #feelgoodnow experience to another level by offering Zumba® Fitness and Z Club NY signature classes in several convenient locations all day, every day. We also regularly host events such as Zumba® Master Classes, dance workshops, and other. Our instructors are among the best in town. Let New York City be your dancing ground!

Private Events

Share your love for Zumba with family and friends and enjoy your favorite instructor at a location of your choice. We will help you design the perfect private and exclusive Zumba® party for every occasion. Plan an Aqua Zumba® pool party, a Zumbatomic® kids fiesta, or a pumping Zumba® outdoors party. Be the talk of the town!

Corporate Partnerships

Dance based fitness releases endorphins that enhance the mood and reduce stress levels. Infuse some fun, energy, and excitement at your workplace. Ask us about our special corporate discount rates. Let us help you plan your next team building event that could include a nutrition workshop and a Zumba® class, and get everyone to join the party!

Z Club NY Pop Up Fun

Z Club NY takes the Zumba® experience to another level by constantly adding locations that are convenient for our customers and hosting special events such as theme-based classes, Zumba® in the club events, and other. Let New York City be your dancing ground!

Zumba® On Demand

At Z Club NY, we know no better way to celebrate special occasions than through a Zumba® fitness party. Our space and instructors are available for all types of private events: bachelorette parties, corporate events, company celebrations, private classes, group lessons, birthdays, and more. We can also customize Zumba® classes to your theme or occasion and come to your home, office, or other event location.

Promotions & Showcases

We periodically invite our customers and their guests to come and try new Zumba® experiences and enjoy an opportunity to get introduced to new dance styles and types of music, meet different people, and have lots of healthy fun.

Community Events

Z Club NY is proud to be part of the Zumba® community. As such, we believe that it is our duty to spread the Zumba® love by introducing more people to Zumba® and supporting our fellow Zumba® lovers.

Claudia Salem

Co-Founder and Owner

Edmée Cherdieux D'Alexis

Co-Founder and General Manager

Berna Tural

Chief Operating Officer

Our Story

Z Club NY came about when entrepreneur Claudia Salem attended a Zumba® party™ that her friend and Zumba® instructor, Edmee Cherdieu D’Alexis had organized at S.O.B.’s in NYC. Amazed by the energy and passion emanating from the crowd, Claudia saw huge potential in Edmee’s vision for a no-strings-attached offering of Zumba® Fitness classes and events in NYC.

Together, Claudia and Edmee decided they would coordinate workout space and events where people could take classes anytime, and attend workshops and special events with fellow Zumba® lovers. Edmee, who had been working in the fitness industry for years and helped Zumba® Fitness launch their program in NYC, proceeded to round up a team of the best instructors in New York…