TRACE TV, Z Club NY, and Guadeloupe Islands present Fitness Island Camp – GUADELOUPE EDITION 2017.

Discover the unique charm of Guadeloupe as you dance and have some healthy fun surrounded by the island’s natural beauty. We are honored to invite you on our 3rd Z Club NY Zumba® retreat in Guadeloupe with improvements based on feedback from previous participants. We are pleased to offer a longer retreat with more activities at the SAME resort. Join us for 5 days on an adventure that will engage all of your senses. An experience you are sure to cherish forever – ask our customers who’ve been out with us and are coming back again this year.

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The retreat will be at the amazing Resort Fort Royal: THE LARGEST HOTEL IN BASSE-TERRE, ALONG PETIT BAS-VENT BEACH.

Resort Fort Royal Guadeloupe is located between the charming villages of Deshaies and Sainte-Rose. Langley Fort Royal Resort is the only and largest hotel in Basse-Terre region which is located directly on the beach. The beach is called “Plage de Petit Bas Vent” in Deshaies.

We believe that in order to really understand an island you must meet its people. Your days will be organized with just the right amount of free time to relax after a day full of activities for discovery, fitness, health and private classes with the best international teachers.

Meet your hosts:

Edmee Cherdieu d’Alexis originally from the French island of Guadeloupe – (your private local host!), Edmee started dancing at a very young age and perfected her training at the Alvin Ailey Dance School after her move to New York City. Edmee has been involved in fitness for the past 10 years, teaching at top New York City facilities, and she recognizes Zumba® as an opportunity for people to become physically active; it is fun and simple enough that students at any fitness level can not only participate, but get an effective cardio vascular workout as well. Edmee is the Co-Founder of Z Club NY. Her specialty is Aqua Zumba®. Be ready to splash away every day!


Anna Baldwin  is a native of Mexico City. Her style and energy are infused with the vibrancy and enthusiasm attributed to her Latin heritage. She applies her training from Alvin Ailey and Broadway Dance Center in her passion for teaching Zumba® Fitness. Anna is also certified in Cardio Sculpt, Pilates and Pound Camp. She is dedicated to finding a groove for a better track in life!


Angelina Alfaro, AKA “Spicy”  originally from Peru, she has rhythm running through her veins. Her passion for dance has taken her to perform at various stages including the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater and the renowned Symphony Space in NYC. Finding Zumba when she needed it most, she started a life changing journey. Her classes are fun, interactive and high energy. Making her dreams a reality, Angelina hopes to someday, share her love for dance and Zumba internationally with others around the world.


Here is the day-to-day schedule that we have crafted to maximize your enjoyment – a well blend of physical activities, discovery and relaxation… let’s not forget the late pool parties!

Important Perks to note:

  • The trip is ALL Inclusive – breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with the accommodations.
  • For days that are spent at the hotel everything is provided by the hotel. (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and drinks!)
  • Days that involve transport and are spent on the road breakfast and dinner will be at the Fort Royal – lunch will be provided by a local restaurant. Guadeloupe is well known for its amazing food and spices.
  • Guadeloupe is a French island and wine is included with all dinners.
  • Flights are not included in the package and are the sole responsibility of the participants. Please be sure to arrive by April 7.


guad_langleyresortmedres-16Friday – April 7
Arrival day- check in and late dinner. On arrival you will be greeted by your local driver and host – welcoming you to the beautiful island of Guadeloupe in the traditional sense!

Saturday – April 8
After our early(7am) morning Zumba® and breakfast we will head out to the capital Pointe a Pitre to take a traditional dance class called GWO KA at the AKADEMI du KA. Be ready to dance to the beat of the live drummers and singers, we will learn the basic steps and submerge ourselves in true Guadeloupe culture. In the second part of our day we will enjoy some down time at the breathtaking beach of Port Louis, where we will have a BBQ on the beach followed by, of course, Aqua Zumba in the ocean!

guad_langleyresortmedres-59Sunday – April 9
To recover from our journey on Saturday, today we will enjoy the hotel. You can choose to start your day as early as 7AM with Edmee’s invigorating Aqua Zumba class, or take your time and meet the team ,Anna and Angelina for our 10AM Zumba class. 4 classes to choose from, all outside by the pool or ocean – you can take as many or as few classes as you wish. Simply paradise. Fort Royal is a favorite to the local for its delicious Brunch!

Monday – April 10
Guadeloupe is known for its water – not just the ocean, but the beautiful waterfalls and rivers too. We call Guadeloupe “L’isle aux belles eaux” – The island of beautiful waters. And on Tuesday we will be discovering part of where it gets it’s name with a trip to the forest. We will spend 2 hours at The national Parc des Mamelles* where after a refreshing walk through the jungle we will immerse ourselves in the cleansing waters of the river under a misty waterfall.

*At the heart of Basse-Terre, the Mamelles Park spends 4 hectares of rain forest conservation of rare and endangered animal species. Located on the road to the crossing at the edge of Guadeloupe National Park, this park is distinguished by the tranquility and natural character. A true Noah’s Ark of modern times, it is home to some 85 species of Caribbean and Guyana spread between mammals, birds, reptiles and arthropods – more than 450 individuals.

We will then head down to one of the best local restaurants “chez Sylvie” to enjoy the catch of the day with a Ti Punch on the dark sand beach of  Malendure. 

Then we will relax on the beach of Bouillante where a natural hot spring transforms the ocean into a giant hot tub. Time to relax and soak our muscles before returning to the hotel for our evening Zumba class.


Waterfalls at the beautiful Parc des Mamelles

Tuesday –  April 11 
Let’s enjoy the Hotel with some fun water activities, 4 amazing Fitness classes (Aqua Zumba- STRONG by Zumba and more) and why not a little walk over to “la plage de la Perle”.

Wednesday – April 12
Goodbye Guadeloupe… until next time.



Here are some of the highlights that you will be enjoying:

  • Zumba®
  • Aqua Zumba®
  • Samba
  • A glorious ocean view
  • All-inclusive meals (drinks only included with dinner)
  • Guided tours to world renowned sites and private transportation with AC
  • 3 distinctive excursions from the beach to the mountains
  • Many more activities in and out of the hotel!

All rates are per person. All rooms are ocean view and equipped with 1 large double bed (2-90cm bed) and 1 additional twin bed. A $800 deposit is required no later than Feb 20th. The balance will be charged directly to your account on March 20th as we need to prepay the resorts to secure our special group rates. More payment options are available upon request. Deposit is non-refundable, unless the trip is cancelled by Z Club NY for lack of participation (less than 10 participants)

Flight information: Norwegian air ( has flights from $325 r/t. They only fly 3x a week from JFK – hurry and book now!


About Guadeloupe Islands

Framed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the French Guadeloupe Islands is located between Antigua and Dominica and is comprised of five islands connected by an efficient inter-island network. When it comes to preserving its authentic way of life and protecting its rainforest, mountains, beaches, and coral ecosystem, Guadeloupe Islands have been ahead of the game for decades. The result is an entirely preserved environment offering today with its 55,105 acres of Natural Reserve, the most diverse scenery in the whole Caribbean. Premiere destination for Ecotourists, godsend for outdoorsy types and definitely a heaven for foodies since French Import have made dining on the islands a true delight. In Guadeloupe Islands we are Naturally Active, just our Volcano is not!

  • Double Ocean View All Inclusive $1625 per person (2 guest in the room)
  • Balcony Double Ocean View All Inc $1745 per person (2 guest in the room)
  • Single ocean view All Inclusive $2050
  • Balcony Single Ocean View All Inc $2275

We have Beach Bungalow  and Suites available upon request- email us for more information.


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