Exclusive December Video – Master Class January 8!

By December 14, 2016blog
6am Saturday alarms going off, and not. The easy, fast and always smelly subway rides. A delayed Uber ride. Waiting in front of not-yet-open coffee shop shivering bundled up in all types of winter wear we own. Greeting the sun over the city on a weekend morning in the empty streets of the financial district. Free coffee offers from baristas who are tellingly not in awe of our reality. We are pumped. It’s taping time!

Our videographer – Mykal – here! Check.
Choreographer Angelina ‘Spicy’ Alfaro – here! Check.
Crew – Bryan, Lana and back-up dancer Mario? Here! Check.
Director? Edmee. Here! Check!
iPads are warmed up(!), cameras are ready…
Lighting? Sun. Sun? Where is the sun? on my way!! ok. Camera, “some” lights action!
Turn on the music. We start dancing… the city’s rare morning crowd – runners, walkers and some tourists start to follow. They LOVE it. It’s cold. They want to dance. On the waterfront, in NYC in the cold.
This is SO much fun, we fell like celebrities!
Hope you enjoy every second of our clip! We had so much fun taping it, though we hope you get to watch it in a warmer place. 😃
Music by Red Eye Crew
And now… 
 That’s not it! You know what happens now? Watch the video. Attend Z Club NY classes and practice this choreo with your favorite instructors for the month of December. January 8 – join our amazing “Spicy” for an exclusive members only Master Class  – and perform this choreo with her! Then learn her unsurpassed Sexy, Sassy ways… Hold your spot today!

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