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Madame Noire

She Tried It – Zumba® at Z Club NY

“I don’t know what the other Zumba classes entail in terms of the moves the instructors (and their are a wide variety of them) do, but based on the reviews online, people love the offerings. And I had the chance to meet the owner Edmee, who was warm, full of smiles and had hugs to give everyone. She invited me back to try out some other Zumba classes (including water zumba — amazing, right?) and I definitely plan to show up. Because while I love a good run, swinging a kettlebell during a strength training or CrossFit session and kicking an invisible ass in kickboxing, there’s nothing like working up a sweat while dancing to the beat of your own drum.”

She Tried It- STRONG By Zumba™

 “I would recommend trying this new offering, STRONG by Zumba, because it’s a challenge I think many of us need to be pushed out of our comfort zones. Like working alongside a trainer, the class forces you to exert an insane amount of energy and strength out of a reserve that, if left to your own devices, you likely wouldn’t tap into. And while I love to leave a class sweaty and knowing that I got a good workout in, I didn’t foresee myself being drenched, exhausted, and a little (or a lot) stank after the fact. It was uncomfortable, but boy did I feel that burn — and end up loving it.”



Cafe Stir

Aha Moments Are Real

“Ten years ago, Edmee Cherdieu d’Alexis was working as a group fitness manager at a sports club in New York City when she got a random phone call. It was someone asking if the gym would host a teacher training for a new “Latin-based fitness class.” Edmee’s boss was skeptical, but Edmee had a gut feeling that this was something she needed to say yes to.”

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