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By April 25, 2016blog

11541979_831179360313327_5052388164224792705_nHey there,

It’s Elle, Z Club NY’s make up, skin care and all around beauty Guru! I’ve got so many tips

and wholesome cosmetic brands along with motivational quotes I want to share with you all!

Spring is here everybody! Believe it or not, Spring has sprung! and mother nature is gracious

enough to give us some extra time to accomplish our perfect bodies, for the Summer. However

that perfect body looks to us, we must continue to take care of ourselves. We are a society that

follows the “GO GO GO!!!” mantra, the “Sleep when you’re dead” mantra; But REST is crucial!

So know when to stop! We cannot get anything accomplished efficiently if we’re worn down and

running on fumes! I know we all love to show how hard working and relentless we are but we

gotta know when told hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. Let’s not be cruel to our bodies we love

them, right!? Moving on, WATER is so crucial! Our body is mainly made up of water. Our lean

tissues are made up of more water than our fat tissues, and while the actual percentage of

water varies from body to body, you have to stay hydrated! We don’t drink nearly as much water

as we should and it affects EVERYTHING! Like our skin!

I don’t know about you but, my skin and skin care regimen are just as important as getting

my sweat on at Z Club NY. If my skin is hydrated and properly nourished then I feel like the

goddess I truly am! Around this time of year, with the weather flux and allergies, our skin gets to

be rather temperamental. Our winter creams are just too heavy and our summer creams are not

heavy enough. I think a lot of us give up around this time of year. Some of us just have one

cream year round regardless of how effective it is. Well it doesn’t have to be that way! I want to

share some of my favorite skin care “must haves!” These products are non toxic, safe,

wholesome ingredients that your body can identify and process. No synthetic dyes, fragrances,

preservatives or fillers. Let’s take a look!

The Hydrating Accelerator by Josh Rosebrook: once you try this your life will be FOREVER

CHANGED!!! This multipurpose spray will be your safe haven. Use it as a face toner, right after

you wash and before your facial cream. Use it to set your make up and or as a pick me up! It’s

so refreshing and light. The organic vitamin- infused aloe water helps to fortify your skin and

maintain its hydration, keeping your skin soft and smooth. It’s Anti-inflammatory properties help

soothe the skin and take down redness ANNNDDD help restore blood circulation! It didn’t know

what all the hype was about until I tried it. and more than that, I noticed the difference in my skin

once I stopped using it. It’s amazing! It also comes in a travel size, so you can take it with you

on the go like maybe use it after a great Zumba workout? well I can tell you, you’ll be so happy

you did!

Toner by SW Basics: Saves my life. This brand is unique because they believe less is more.

With that being said, all of their products are made with 5 ingredients or less! and they list them

right on the bottle! NO surprises here! This Brooklyn brand just made simple, luxurious. Made

with only 5 ingredients with product is great at balancing your skin, getting rid of bacteria

trapped under the surface. OH! you know what? This toner became my favorite when it took off

the rest of the makeup my facial wipes didn’t get! Wait what’s that smell? oh that’s the Apple

Cider Vinegar getting ready to work it’s magic on your skin. You’re Welcome. There is no

synthetic astringent so your skin is going to be tightened without the drying! AHmazing? again,

you’re welcome. When do you use it, you ask? After you wash your face and before your

moisturizer. If you’re feeling fancy you could use your Hydrating Accelerator right after! I hope

your mind is blown because really, you’re welcome.

Squalene Facial oil by Indie Lee: Facial oils ya’ll get into it! Many are afraid of oils on their

face especially when they have oily skin. So, before you “side eye” me, here me out. Oil fights

oil! when we have oily skin its because your skin is compensating for lack of hydration. Your skin

thinks it’s helping you out, but also trying to tell you to hydrate it!. This Squalene oil is 100%

olive oil derived. It helps cell regeneration. Say goodbye to age spots, spots from scarring etc

and say hello to healthy skin. only 2-3 drops for your entire face. ACTUAL DROPS FOLKS, not

squirts! we can be very heavy handed with products and that’s a major no no especially with

oils. This oil should not be greasy, it’s fast absorbing and small molecules get to your sebum

glands (oil glands) and hydrates them and your skin with out extra residue! this is another crowd

favorite! Sometimes there is just so much going on it’s best to just keep it simple! Oils are great

for that! Especially this one.

And last but certainly not least Blue Cocoon by May Lindstrom: This luxurious line is one for

the champs! Try not to swim in this balm, it will be hard not to! This Balm is blue in color

because of the sacred blue tansy flower. This protected flower is protected because of its

healing properties. Along with other elegant flowers and herbs, the Blue Cocoon also features

frankincense and myrrh and literally melts in your hand on contact. use sparingly! Even though it

is a face balm, it is actually a balm/oil hybrid. A little bit goes a very long way. STORY TIME: I

had to use it on my neck and underarms. TMI moment, I get really bad heat rash on my neck

and underarms in the summer. What I was using to soothe it wasn’t working so I decided to try

the Blue Cocoon and it soothed my rashes so much, I couldn’t believe it. This Balm is great for

mature skin, and PERFECT for hormonal skin, or skin that could be reacting to airborne

allergies or situations like that. I’ve recommended this balm to many different women with

different concerns and different ages; actually men as well; everyone LOVES this decadent

cream. It is a spiritual cream, a miracle worker! It’s an experience and a celebration. Her line is

meant to be enjoyed and celebrated by all the senses. It’s a revelation of sorts from the type of

jars she uses to the type of ingredients. If the price point doesn’t deter you, you will truly see

why men and women alike are singing her praises. In fact, take a look at her website! If that

doesn’t do it for you than I don’t know what else will. TAKE MY WORD FOR IT! the ultimate yes

for your skin!

Okay ladies and gents those are my absolute favorites for this time of year, the products

that everyone can enjoy! Please! before you dive in, test them out, a small dab behind the ear or

in your elbow (where doctors take blood)! okay? Some of these brands can be found in ABC

Home, Brooklyn Grooves, Follain (Boutiques are in Boston); go to their website they have ALL

the brands and products I’ve mentioned and more * Follain also has a store on nantucket that

opens in the summer*, and Shen Beauty! or you can do directly to the brands website!

Welp that’s all for now! see you next Month!

xoxo Elle

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