Star magazine says that “to put it mildly, Afro-Fusion Burn is a lot tougher than regular Zumba®.” Intrigued? Intimidated? Both? Then join us for the first Afro-Fusion Burn Clinic of 2016! This clinic will be equally beneficial to the Afro-Fusion Burn regular and the newbie. To fully enjoy the weekly classes and to get the highest calorie burn, knowledge and understanding of choreography is key. The clinic will provide you with just that! You’ll learn two new pieces of choreography with plenty of breakdown and Q&A. And if you’ve been intimidated to sign up for Afro-Fusion Burn here’s your chance to sample it at a slower pace. 


Join us on Saturday, February 2oth at 2:30PM – 4:00pm at Studio 68 (Studio Maestro, 48 W68th street) for 90 minutes of delicious choreography and sweat! Yes, you will still sweat :) Start your year by reigniting your BURN!

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