Fitness Island Camp – GUADELOUPE EDITION!

Trace TV, Z Club NY, and Guadeloupe Islands present Fitness Island Camp – GUADELOUPE EDITION!

Discover the beauty of Guadeloupe while dancing and embracing the beautiful surroundings.Join us for 5 days on an adventure that will engage all of your senses. We are honored to invite you on the second Zumba® retreat in Guadeloupe!

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This time we will be staying at the Fort Royal Hotel:


Resort Fort Royal Guadeloupe is located between the charming villages of Deshaies and Sainte-Rose. Langley Fort Royal Resort is the only and largest hotel in Basse-Terre region which is located directly on the beach. The beach is called “Plage de Petit Bas Vent” in Deshaies.

We believe that in order to really understand an island you must meet its people. Everyday will be well organized with the perfect balance of discovery and of course with some amazing classes with the best international teachers.

Here is the day to day schedule that we have chosen for you, a well blend of physical activities, discovery and relaxation….let’s not forget the late pool parties!

Arrival day- check in and late dinner
  • Saturday MARCH 5th

After our morning Zumba® and breakfast we will head out to the capital Pointe a Pitre (à-Pitre) to go take a TRADITIONAL DANCE class call GWO KA ( at the AKADEMI du KA  5496045-8197476émiduka-100253616711401/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf

Be ready to dance to the beat of the live drummers and singers, we will learn the basic step and submerge ourself in the true Guadeloupe culture.

Then in the afternoon we will enjoy lunch and AQUA ZUMBA® on the beach of St Anne,until sunset. Accras(Cod fish fritters!!) and ti punch will be present at the Kontiki restaurant (

  • Sunday March 6th
We will enjoy the hotel and focus on Zumba® Zumba® and more Zumba®….you can decide to relax and sleep late or be a true “Fitness Island Warrior” and take all of the classes we will offer from 7:00AM until 7:30PM!!!!
  • Monday March 7th
plage_steanneGuadeloupe is called “L’isle au belles eaux”. The island of the beautiful waters…. 
After our early morning workout for the sports fanatics, we will go in direction of the lush green mountains.
First stop will be at the “CHUTE DU CARBET”- A breathtaking group of waterfalls in the tropical forest (bring a sweater!!)
Then we will stop on the way down to one of all time favorite place, “LE BASSIN PARADISE”. just watch the video, it is a little paradise in the forest.
Lunch will be at the restaurant “Le RIVAGE”. It is time to enjoy some delicious creole food on one of the Dark sand beaches of Guadeloupe.
Then back to the hotel for some more ZUMBA®!!!!!
  • Tuesday March 8th
Another day in our playground, for a fun day filled with lots of dancing, swimming, snorkeling ….or sleeping :)
  • Wednesday 9th
Time to go home :(

We have designed a week of activities where Guadeloupe Islands will be our playground. Five days of discovery and fun energetic fitness activities designed to get you in shape while having the time of your life. The package will include: langleyresortmedres-13

  • Zumba®
  • Aqua Zumba®
  • Samba
  • Much more activity in and out of the hotel!
  • Enjoying a glorious ocean view
  • Eating all-inclusive meals (drinks only included with dinner)
  • Enjoying guided tours and transportation
  • 2 distinctive excursions from the beach to the mountains.
Prices are as follow:
**Note that prices do not include airfare**
  • Large Room – double occupancy $1250 
  • Large Room – Single occupancy  $1450
  • Large Room with Balcony – double occupancy  $1350
  • Large Room with Balcony – single occupancy $1550
chambre-balcon-vue-merPlease all rate is per person. All room are ocean view and equipped with 1 large double beds(2-90cm bed) and 1 additional twin bed.
A $600 deposit is required no later than January 15th. The balance will be directly charge to your account by February 15th.
More payment option are available upon request.
Deposit is not refundable, unless the vacation is cancel for lack of participation.
Flight information: Norwegian air ( has flights from $325. They only fly 3x a week from JFK – hurry and book now!


About Guadeloupe Islands
Framed by the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the French overseas department of Guadeloupe Islands is located between Antigua and Dominica and is comprised of five islands connected by an efficient inter-island network. When it comes to preserving its authentic way of life and protecting its rainforest, mountains, beaches, and coral ecosystem, Guadeloupe Islands have been ahead of the game for decades. The result is an entirely preserved environment offering today with its 55,105 acres of Natural Reserve, the most diverse scenery in the whole Caribbean. Premiere destination for Ecotourists, godsend for outdoorsy types and definitely a heaven for foodies since French Import have made dining on the islands a true delight. In Guadeloupe Islands we are Naturally Active, just our Volcano is not!



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