Student Journeys @Z Club NY – Rebecca B.

By October 12, 2015blog

I love it when worlds intersect – this month we get to meet one of our favorite students, who was also one of our favorite CSRs! We miss her smiling face as a rep, but we are so happy to see her continuing to smile and dance as a student! I got to hear all about Rebecca Block’s journey through Zumba® and Z Club NY, and what she has gained from her time in and around class.  Rebecca has gained strength, friends, confidence, and stress relief through Zumba® and Z Club NY … – by Yali Szulanski for Z Club NY.

How has taking classes with Z Club NY benefited your life?
In taking classes I’ve found friends, confidence, stress relief, strength… I have found unmatchable talent and personality in the instructors of classes at Z Club NY. As I always tell people when they say they aren’t sure of Zumba®, or didn’t like it; you’re not in the right Zumba® class. You can’t leave class without at least a hint of a smile, no matter how bad your day was.

What inspires you to succeed in class and in your life?In class – Class can be so much more than an hour of exercise. It’s an opportunity to step away from the outside world and just focus on the music, the dancing; to forget the outside world and let go. I also feel like classes can become a community, seeing the same people each week and getting to know them. I find it easy to draw from the energy of others, from instructors and from the music to just dance and leave class better than you came in.

In life – Every day I try to pursue a positive outlook on the day or life in general, and let the rest go. Some days can be frustrating, as I’ve had to endure things not everything has had to. But, I have learned that it’s those things that make me stronger, and I’m incredibly proud to still live life with a smile; even if it’s a struggle some days. Zumba helps.

How has Zumba®/Z Club NY supported your health and fitness goals?
When I first started taking Zumba® classes I was 40 pounds heavier than I am now. Going to the gym for Zumba® didn’t necessarily feel like work, because I loved it, and time flew by. Zumba® also helped me with learning any kind of choreography; which was a skill I could bring to any kind of fitness class (kickboxing, boot-camp…). So I felt confident in trying new classes, and as soon as I realized I could take a variety of classes and skip the elliptical, it was a wrap! Haha. It was a whole new fitness world!

What have you learned about yourself through taking classes at Z Club NY?
I have learned that I’m capable of possessing confidence I never thought I had. I’ve also learned that I’d really like to share Zumba® and possibly get certified and teach in the future. And that I attribute to the Z Club NY instructors that I admire and look up to so much; I’d like to be that kind of inspiration for others.

How did you come across Z Club NY and Zumba® in general? What is your favorite part about Z Club NY?
A college roommate brought me to class with her once, this was 6 years ago and I was hooked. I was involved with theater/ music when I was younger, and I love to dance. So there’s an innate sense of pride and satisfaction when I master a step; or the rush you feel when your favorite song comes on. Because of that, when I started Zumba®, something just clicked.Z Club NY –  I actually found through NYSC, when I realized that all of my favorite instructors were also teaching for this thing called Z Club NY. My favorite thing would have to be that there’s so many different instructors, each with their own style. It’s like you can choose a Zumba® class based on your “Zumba® mood.”

Which classes/Instructors are your favorite? Why?

There are so many amazing instructors that it’s hard to choose favorites!

Angelina Alfaro –Angelina has a rare and radiant energy that’s completely contagious. Class is like spicy sunshine and always (very very sweaty) fun!

Irena Meletiou – Addictive Zumba boot-camp. The choreography is challenging, but beautiful; and Irena’s heart and soul is in teaching it. She wants to help you both work hard and succeed.

What is something unique about yourself that you’d like to share?
I have an unnatural love for Buzz Lightyear and Wegmans (yes, the grocery store) :)

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