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In April 2015, Z Club NY flew down to the beautiful island of Aruba with  eager Zumba® lovers and world explorers from NYC.   With careful planning and seamless execution, Edmee put together another trip that blended the thrill and benefits of Zumba with a spectacular backdrop and inspiring sights. Edmee partnered with instructors Jamie Drye and LaShawn Jones  for a heat-packing, intense, heart pumping adventure.   The retreat included Zumba® Master Classes, Aqua Zumba in the ocean, Early Morning Water Workouts, Bokwa, and Fueled Emotion, a workout designed by Jamie and LaShawn. It was an incredible time. Here is what the participants had to say…   – by Yali Szulanski for Z Club NY.

aruba1What was your favorite moment of the retreat? 

“I loved the classes on the court, Aqua class after biking, and the jeep excursion.”

“Dinner time!!  Loved seeing and chatting with new friends in a relaxed environment. No stress, no pressure, seems everybody is enjoying themselves including myself, of course. Sharing conversation about the last retreat, vacation or restaurant visited. So relaxed atmosphere.”

“Jeep Safari- absolutely exhilarating and amazing to see the rest of the island of Aruba.”\

“All inclusive and the dancing!”

“Not sure I can narrow it down to one – being able to dance every day in a gorgeous setting was the big thing.”


“This was my first Zumba® retreat, so arriving there period, was the best and every day following that was even better. I was very sad to go home.”

“The first class – everyone together, dancing, and happy not to be at work!”

What did you think of the accommodations and hospitality?

“My first time in Aruba and it was nice. I was comfortable in my room, beautiful view, friendly staff, accessible to both resorts, all inclusive, and of course, all activities planned by Edmee were outstanding. She worked so hard, so accommodating, friendly and kind. So genuine of aruba2her personality that you can see in her smile. My only comment was late dinner but I can understand. (I am an early person because I go to work early in N.Y.) but this is vacation. It was fun meeting again at the bar after dinner.”

“Love, love, love location and amenities.”

What was your experience with the classes (Water Workouts, Bokwa, Fueled Emotion, Aqua Zumba®, Zumba®….etc)?

“Edmee, LaShawn and Jamie were extra ordinary, they were so organized and prompt and fun. Never a dull moment from any of their classes that I took. I enjoyed every minute of their classes. I can take it over and over in NY if time permits. Thank you so much for their energy and kindness as leaders, as well as instructors and friends.” aruba6

“Loved the different types/variety and LOVE the water workouts”

“Fueled Emotion is a favorite, but I will do anything with Jamie and LaShawn happily. This was my intro to Bokwa, which i liked. I”

“Lashawn, Jamie, and Edmee were awesome!!!”

“Complete and utter awesomeness!”

Would you encourage others to go on a future Z Club NY retreat? Why or why not?

‘Yes, I’d love to go again myself.”

“Yes! Absolutely, it was worth it and best accommodation for the money. Thanks again, Edmee!”

“Yes! I thinks it’s a great combination/balance of relaxation and fitness!”

“Absolutely-I love the energy, the dancing, the fun, the freedom….I could go on and on!!!”aruba3

“Absolutely for the fitness minded individuals. Great people and a lot of opportunity to be as involved as you want to be.”

“Yes, it was the best 4-day vacation I ever had!!”



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    I have a question about the upcoming retreat to St. Martin. Is it with outside people as well as the ZClub people? Or is it Zclub exclusive?

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