Zumba® Beach Bum Retreat in ARUBA

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Aruba also know as “The Happy Island” with pristine white sand beach is the place to be for a great vacation filled with sun, cooling trade winds and warm friendly people. We are taking the Z Club NY fun to the best of the Netherlands Antilles for an all inclusive 4 nights 5 days (airfare not included) at the breathtaking beach at The Tamarijn Resort  located on beautiful Divi Beach. Join us in a majestic surrounding for an extended weekend filled with the most fun you will ever have.  Your hosts for those 5 days will be Lashawn Jones Jamie Drye, and Edmee Cherdieu. Be ready to dance, while discovering this magical place!

Try the following classes:
  • Zumba®
  • Aqua Zumba® in the Ocean and Pool
  • Early morning water workout – A favorite from our last retreats!
  • Bokwa
  • Fueled eMOTION- A signature class from Jamie Dry and Lashawn Jones
We will offer 3 classes per day – take one, take two, or take them all – up to you!
In addition to the classes, the retreat includes the following:
  • 1 Half day Safari Jeep Excursion where we will see the Natural Bridge, the Baby beach(great for snorkeling) theBushribana Gold Mill Ruins, and more
  • A visit to the famous Aloe Museum and Factory(http://www.arubaaloe.com/)
  • A visit to the capital Oranjestad(http://www.aruba.com/our-island/oranjestad) on Saturday morning
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • All meals are included
  • Unlimited drinks!! Cocktails included as well:)
  • all rooms are ocean view
This retreat is open to current lovers of health and fitness and to those who will become so after joining us. Invite your friends and share the experience with everyone. You and your friends will be hooked for life and make all your friends jealous from your golden tan.
Pack your bag, lets go!
Dates: April 30 – May 4
Packages: Single Occupancy: $1650
Double Occupancy: $1400
If you are interested and want more information, click here  to register or please email us at edmee@zclubny.com.
We require a $500 deposit (non refundable, unless participation is too low and trip is cancelled) .
Remaining balance for the payment will be due on April 1 and will be charged to your account at that time. Payment plans available per request. Space is limited to 26 participants. HURRY! ARUBA IS WAITING FOR US!
About the Tamarijn Hotel:
Aruba’s hot spot on the beach with all oceanfront rooms where the fun never stops. Windsurf, sail, snorkel or scale the rock climbing wall. Go exploring on a bike. There are nine dining options, seven bars to choose from, live nightly entertainment and the nearby Alhambra Casino. Stay at the Tamarijn Aruba and also dine and play at the adjacent DiviAruba All Inclusive. Your vacation stay includes:
  • Choose from 9 dining options including snack bars – view the menu here.
  • 7 Bars throughout the properties, offering unlimited beverages
  • Oceanfront guest rooms with patio or balcony, steps from the water
  • 3 Freshwater pools
  • Included water sports are non-motorized
  • Bicycles provided in different size;: child, youth and adult
  • Lighted tennis courts
  • Fitness center featuring an outdoor 30-foot rock climbing wall
  • Alhambra Casino is a short walk away
What are waiting for? ….let’s dance under the sun!

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    I want to join the retreat

  • natalia says:

    Hi! I really want to go, will be able to give you an answer this week if i can join!


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