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How lovely it is to sit down with Arabelle Taggart and hear her inspiring journey through Zumba® and Z Club NY.  She says finding Z Club NY  has been liberating for her.” She says  that thanks to Z Club NY, she  “now exercise[s] on a regular basis. This time for “ME”  is invaluable!”  Zumba® has rejuvenated her, and has helped her connect to her bubbly self again!… – by Yali Szulanski for Z Club NY.

13 Walking pillowHow has taking classes with Z Club NY benefited your life?
The Aqua Zumba® Classes have been so much fun. I made Aqua Zumba® a priority in my schedule, so I now exercise on a regular basis. This time for “ME”  is invaluable! My mind and body  feel so much better thanks to the classes. The music we dance to has opened up my ears to a whole new world. I now listen to contemporary radio and when I hear a Zumba®  tune, I  want to stop  whatever I  am doing  and start  moving and shaking like we do in the class!  So if you see me on the street waving my arms and kicking my legs about, you know whats going on  with me! As I do 4 classes a week and swim laps too , I  decided to have my hair cut short to make it more manageable. I was wearing it in a pony tail all the time and probably looked frumpy!  I feel like my bubbly self  again! That has been liberating!  I have met some really lovely people in class and we share a lot of laughs . I really look forward to seeing the Mermaids (as I call them, and we do have Mermen too!  )  There is something about being in the water that brings out the Happy in people,  so there is always a good atmosphere and I like that .

What inspires you to succeed in class and in your life?
Luckily, I am extremely  disciplined  and very motivated.  I am passionate about my profession . They say if you do what you love, you will never work a  day in your life-  Its true! There is always a  new tune or new move Edmee has ,  so its always challenging and fresh. I look forward to the classes  and I  always feel good afterwards so thats  a great motivation. I used to bike a lot and  last winter the weather was  so restrictive to taking the bike out for a ride I  got lazy .  The great part about Aqua Zumba ,  rain or shine   the class goes on !  There is no excuse for me not to attend!

How has Zumba/ZClubNY supported your health and fitness goals?
The classes really are so much fun it doesn’t seem like a “workout “. But trust me,  its a workout !   I have really improved my “ core” which has been KEY for me.  I really feel a lot more in touch with my body now, I actually know what my core is!  I can now  move parts I didn’t know existed!  Edmee has  said that she sees the changes in my body.
During the class I concentrate on Edmee’s movements, watching her  and then  following her lead . Its been great  to put all other thoughts aside and just Zumba!  Since taking the classes,  I now drink a lot of water during the day . I don’t think many of us hydrate enough. I always bring a large water bottle with me , so  walking home after class  I can guzzle down the water and re hydrate.

What have you learned about yourself through taking classes at Z Club NY?
Its never too late to try something new and make time for the things you like to do !
When I first saw an Aqua Zumba Class, honestly I was intimidated  by the moves and the music. I just couldn’t imagine myself being able to do it and thought i’d probably injure myself while trying it!  How wrong I  was!   What I saw from the poolside is so different from what you do and how it feels in the water ! I remember  googling Aqua Zumba and the first video that came up , a woman said
“Aqua Zumba is all about having fun in the water.”   How right she was! I often think about that.
Its  been an adjustment to do the classes with  my work schedule. I soon realized that carving out that time for me has been really beneficial .   I  work just as well, if not better and my mind is in a better place for having “ Me “ time !

How did you come across Z Club NY and Zumba in general? What is your favorite part about Z Club NY?
I joined Complete Body. I went to swim laps one evening and Edmee was teaching a class . I joined in and I haven’t missed a class since! (Oops, no – I missed  one as I had to go to a wedding!)

Which classes/Instructors are your favorite? Why?
Edmee  of course . She is ummmm  ….. how on earth do I describe Edmee? She is a pleasure to watch moving and dancing. She has rhythm and her body flows like liquid to the music . She really can move her body. I am a Brit and we aren’t bought up to move  our bodies! So I am in awe of her !
She is fun, very engaging , enthusiastic, liberating , inspirational  , encouraging ,  to name just a  few !

What is something unique about yourself that you’d like to share?
Umm well the Mermaids would call me a lot things !
Type  “ A “ personality / over achiever would  probably top of the list !   We laugh a lot over my obsession of having the  “ right “ swimsuit,  shoes , and hair products for the class .   So i think  I’d like to share my aqua Zumba product tips !
1)  If  your hair is already wet it won’t absorb so much chlorine water!  So I always wet my hair before class . ( most mermaids manage to keep their hair dry so don’t panic reading this if you are about to try a class !)
2) I use “ Reflect “ H2O pre swim  & sun protecting gel on the wet hair . It protects the hair from the chlorine . I then use a cheap plastic shower cap and polyester /spandex  swim cap over it !
3) After class   I use “ Swim Spray “ when showering  as it eliminates the chlorine odor and irritation from hair and skin . It has vitamin C which seems to neutralize the chlorine . I have experimented with vitamin C on my own  and don’t think we better mention that  , but yes thats the key to getting out chlorine !  I always shampoo and condition my hair  after class ,  after testing 100’s of products,  typically   the cheapest ended up being the best! I use Suave .
4) I also like “ Tri swim “  Body wash  which removes the chlorine too .
5) Aqua shoes really help you move better in the class. I like The Speedo aqua shoes with a zipper closure. These run true to size and stay on well during class and they are really durable too . I have had mine 6 months and they are still in good shape .
6) I wear Speedo swimsuits and the Endurance line which is chlorine resistant last for ages .  It’s best you wear a  suit that  lets you move around without everything falling out !
7 ) I always rinse my suit out after class so it lasts longer .
8) Even though you have just been in the water , don’t forget to Hydrate  !

See ,  I told you I am a  little over the top in the product department!

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