Z Club NY and Eat2Be Present: Tips to Enjoy the Holidays with Confidence

By November 1, 2014blog

The holiday season is quickly approaching! While it is a time of joy, family and celebrations; this time of year also goes hand in hand with over-eating and guilt for many. I have learned how to listen to my body and have “healthy indulgences” over the holiday season without stuffing my face and starting the new year off with a guilty conscious. I present to you, my Healthy Holiday Guide- tips for navigating through the holiday season and enjoying every bite. … – by Jamie Forward for Z Club NY.

LOGO_BW_WEB_ONLY 1. Start your holiday season with an intention. Set your expectations. For example, “I intend to go through the holiday season focusing on giving, spending time with loved ones, maintaining my exercise regimen and healthy eating when I can. I will indulge in small doses. And be okay with it”. If you have intentions, you’ll be able to identify when you get “off track”.

2.  Fill up on healthy snacks before the party. Want to avoid temptation? Have a healthy snack beforehand. Choose from options high in fiber (fruits & veggies), high in protein (nuts, nut butter, hummus, lean animal protein, whole grains), and high in healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, omega3 fish sources). Doing this will prepare your mind and body to make smarter choices.

3. Bring your own healthy dish. Every holiday host loves help! Bring a healthy dish that you’ll be inclined to snack on. There’s always a way to add some healthy alternative ingredients to your tried and true favorites, too. Be creative!

4.  Stay hydrated! At times our bodies mistake hunger for thirst. Stay hydrated the day of the party and slip some glasses of water in between alcohol. Your body will thank you.

5.  Practice the “90/10” rule. I love indulging in some “naughty” foods at times, and I don’t feel bad. I practice the 90/10 rule: 90% (most) of the time I eat healthy to fuel my body to feel my best, and 10% (some) of the time I eat what I want. No shame in this game :)

 6. Take one trip to the food table, then move your conversation elsewhere. Sometimes, we end up snacking just because it’s in front of us. Take a walk around the food table and use 1 plate. Try things in small portions. After that, move your conversations away from the table and the temptation.

7. There’s always room for a dance party! This is my favorite tip :) Holidays are filled with happy moments and celebrating with your favorite people. After eating, turn up the music and have a dance party. It’ll keep you moving on the days you may not have time to exercise.

8. Have fun! The holidays are all about enjoying. Allow yourself to indulge a bit and be OKAY with it. No more guilt or shaming yourself, this will only make you feel worse. Focus on conversations and having fun, not on food.

Cheers to having a holiday season of healthy indulgences and joy,

 xo Jamie xo

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