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Irina Peschan‘s style is a harmonious blend of her traditional dance training and her study of West African, Congolese, and Haitian dance, as well as Samba and belly dance – and other styles she has learned and loved over the years. Originally from Moscow, Russia, Irina has been honing her talents from a very young age. Her classes are challenging, motivating, and definitely interesting. She infuses her passion into every move – especially in her Afro Fusion Burn classes, which she has designed herself. Find more about Irina and what inspires her on our Instructor Spotlight feature.

Afro-Fusion Burn Clinic is a Master Class Series inspired by and created for the dedicated Afro-Fusion Burn student as well as for those who’d like to improve their technique and swag in any dance/fitness class. Whether you attend all 3 workshops, or choose a la carte, each workshop will be a complete experience and will focus on a specific dance technique. Together, they will offer an opportunity to take your Afro-Fusion Burn experience to the next level.


Join the AFB Clinic with Z Club NY, tickets for individual dates are $25 per master class ($30 at the door). You can also select to register online for all three workshops for $60.

When:   3 Saturdays (Sept 27, Oct 25, Nov 22) 2014 from 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Where: Studio TriBeCa, 355 Broadway, 2nd Floor, new york, ny 10013 (between Leonard and Franklin St)
Online Tickets:

Afro-Fusion Burn Clinic will be comprised of the following workshops:

September 27th
Caribbean and The Congo – the sexiest of the three, this workshop will focus on the beautiful and sensual movements of central Africa and the Caribbean, with special attention to hip movements and the shoulder/hip coordination. This workshop will consist of technique drills (don’t worry, it won’t feel like the army ;)) followed by NEW Afro-Fusion Burn routines.

October 25th
Afro-Brazilian / Samba – Samba is a Brazilian dance that has roots in the Congo which is why this workshop is the second in the series and a natural progression to what you will have learned in the first workshop. We will practice, practice, and yes, practice Samba no pe, the basic Samba step that eludes so many. But just like riding a bike, once you get it, Samba no pe will stay with you for life. After mastering the basics you’ll truly enjoy dancing the NEW Afro-Fusion Burn Samba routines.

November 22nd
West African / Djembe – the inspiration and the foundation of Afro-Fusion Burn, West African Djembe is a high intensity, soaring, joyful style of dance. In this workshop you will be given an opportunity to get into the “bounce” of West African dance and bask in the jumping, hopping, head-bopping goodness of it. NEW Afro-Fusion Burn routines will complete this workshop and give you the opportunity to lose yourself in flight.

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