Why Coffee Really Doesn’t Wake You Up in the Morning

By May 4, 2014blog

Why coffee really doesn’t wake you up in the morning and why green juice will!

Drinking caffeinated beverages causes the adrenal glands to produce an elevated amount of adrenaline. Adrenaline is a “savior” hormone. It’s generally secreted under stressful circumstances to aid us during “fight or flight” situations. It gives us that extra boost of energy and clarity needed to get ourselves to a safe place. The repetitive need to trigger these hormones to feel like we can simply get up in the morning or get our day started indicates a very serious imbalance that is preventing us from naturally feeling energetic and alert. Here’s what we should know about that “boost” from caffeinated beverages:

1) That feeling of energized alertness is artificial. It’s covering up what’s really occurring in your body. It’s like painting over a moldy wall. There’s still an underlying problem that will only get worse with time. Hiding it only saves the moment, but destroys the future.

2) Throughout the night our bodies not only rest, but they detoxify. This is why resting is so important during cleansing programs. If our day is full of stress, processed foods, cigarettes or even intense exercise (creating metabolic wastes) we require a full and sometimes longer sleep cycle. If we wake up exhausted it usually means that we either a) simply had too little sleep or b) built up more toxins than our sleep cycle could clear.

3) Those first few hours in the morning are critical while we move around, drink water, stretch, eliminate and clear the “work” that our body did throughout the night to return us to a healthy sense of alertness and vitality for the day ahead. If we wake up heavy, puffy and tired we need to understand that we either need more sleep and/or we need to look at our lifestyle that is creating so many toxins throughout the day that we awaken to exhaustion. Our bodies have all of the tools necessary to move us through life energetically. Rather than cover up a symptom of imbalance we can support those systems that provide us with natural vitality so we are not dependent on artificial “boosts” to function.

So what’s the best choice of beverage for the morning to do this? There are two:

Fresh clean water – should always be the first thing we consume in the morning. Water helps to rehydrate us and transport out the wastes our body has “rounded up” throughout the night.

Fresh pressed green juices – are the original superfood, the most powerful cleanser and the best breakfast ever!

1) They feed us instantly with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other phyto nutrients.
2) They activate elimination (in other words, they make you poop). Contrary to popular belief, juices stimulate the intestines and increase the frequency of bowel movements.
3) The alkaline minerals neutralize the circulating acids in our blood returning us to a proper PH balance.
4) There is no recovery from juice. No trade off. It’s not a quick fix. It’s rapid nourishment and elimination that leaves us in a better place physically for having done it.

Drinking this consistently in addition to making time for proper rest and eliminating toxic lifestyle choices will bring us back into a state where our sleep cycle truly serves it’s purpose and delivers us into the new day feeling clear and amazing.

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