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By March 9, 2014blog

It is such a thrill to share Carlos Maisonet’s awesome journey and energy! Carlos says that one of the reasons that he loves Zumba so much is that it helps him connect to his first love of dance and his true self. Through taking classes at Z Club NY, he has been able to explore and expand his love of dance and fitness. He strives to cultivate a healthy life in his mind, body, and soul… – by Yali Szulanski for Z Club NY.

CarlosMHow has taking classes with Z Club NY benefited your life?
Z Club NY has made sure that I stay active, which is amazing.  It is very easy to blow off going to the gym for any myriad of reasons, but you look forward to going to class.  Even when my schedule is crazy with work and I “can’t” make it to the gym that morning, I always find a way to fit in at least one class a week at Z Club NY.  It also has kept me social.  As weird as it seems, I feel like even though NYC is so large with so many people, sometimes it is easier to just go home and watch TV.  Z Club NY has allowed me to hang out with friends and NOT just sit on the couch.

What inspires you to succeed in class and in your life?
I grew up in a very competitive household.  My parents pushed us very hard to be the best and do the best that we could in every aspect of life — whether it be academics or extra-curricular activities.  As I grew into an adult, this drive and competitiveness has stayed with me.  I work in a very competitive industry, so you always have to be on your toes!

How has Zumba / Z Club NY supported your health and fitness goals?
Zumba makes cardio fun! I grew up dancing as a kid/teenager and even when I transitioned out of performing, I always missed dancing.  Zumba let me get back that part of myself that I missed.  It has also made working out fun.  Zumba has kept me motivated to get out and work out.  When ever I get into a workout funk, taking a class at Z Club NY kind of snaps me out of it and gives me the jumpstart that I need to get back into it.

What have you learned about yourself through taking classes at Z Club NY?
I used to HATE group fitness classes.  As outgoing as I am, for some reason I always get nervous doing something new or taking a new class.  When I first started taking Zumba, several of my friends tried to convince me to take classes at Z Club NY but I refused because I didn’t want to go by myself and I was afraid for one reason or another.  Thinking back on that, I realize how dumb that was.  Everyone at Z Club NY (instructors and students) is so supportive and really present for everyone -ESPECIALLY new students.  I think the best thing that Z Club NY has taught me is to not be afraid to try new things, because no matter how nervous or self-conscious you may feel, it was everyone’s first time once.

How did you come across Z Club NY and Zumba in general? What is your favorite part about Z Club NY?
I had heard a lot about Zumba and was really interested in trying it.  There was something about a dance fitness class that was really appealing to me, because I thought it would help me with missing dancing being a part of my life.  The gym in my building has group fitness classes and Jamie Forward was the Zumba instructor.  I very quickly began taking all of Jamie’s classes and would even go take her class when she subbed in at other gyms.  Jamie had recommended that I take classes at Z Club NY for a while, but it wasn’t until she started teaching there that I took my first class with Z Club NY.  That then opened me up to all of the amazing teachers at Z Club NY.

Which classes/instructors are your favorite? Why?
That is such a hard question because all teachers bring such a large part of themselves and give so much of themselves in their classes.  Jamie Forward’s class is always a favorite of mine.  She has such great choreography and is so high energy that she really motivates and pushes you to go all out! Irina Peschan’s Zumba class is amazing! She is such a spitfire and a ball of energy! If she can push herself and move and dance at 8 months pregnant, you better be certain that you can too! Another favorite of mine is Nick Logrea’s class.  I have never been so tired after a warm up!  Nick pushes you with his choreography, and when he focuses on specific muscle groups, you will be sore in places you’ve never been sore before!  The three of them are fantastic!

What is something unique about yourself that you’d like to share?
I grew up as a performer and dancer, but then transitioned into the technical aspects of theater and am currently a stage manager on Broadway. 

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