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By September 8, 2013blog

The rhythm pulses through the walls of the studio as a roomful of students start marching to the music. A Z Club NY instructor leads the group and revs up for an hour full of energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. Each one of us in the room is a Zumba student – whether we have been dancing for years, or we have just begun our journey, we have chosen to share our space and entrust our fitness, health, and growth with Z Club NY.

Have you ever wondered who is dancing next to you in class? As I’ve grown through the classes at Z Club NY, I have met others whose lives and journeys blossom as they access their strength and confidence through Zumba and Z Club NY. I personally have found my way to healing through Zumba and the teachings and wisdom of my various Z Club NY instructors. I came to Zumba as a way to find relief during a time of struggle, and over time discovered that it was much more than just a class – it was the place where I found healing from illness and rehabilitation.



“Student Journeys @ Z Club NY” is my way of shining light on others who have found inspiration, healing, community, and positive change through Zumba and Z Club NY. I feature one fabulous Z Club NY student in every newsletter – tell us about your life, your journey, or your personal philosophy that you’ve honed through your experience with Zumba and Z Club NY!

If you are interested in being featured, please email Yali at and to read about my own journey, check out

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