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Z Club NY is proud to be part of the Zumba® community. As such, we believe that it is our duty to spread the Zumba® love by introducing more people to Zumba® and supporting our fellow Zumba® lovers.

Social Mixers

From time to time, we sponsor social events that are non-workout related. We partner with other like minded businesses to plan mixers, performances, and other events where you can meet people and make new friends. There might be less sweat and more conversation, but always a guaranteed good time!

Zumba NYC – Party with Z Club NY!

Z Club NY maintains an open Facebook group for anyone who is interested in connecting with other Zumba® lovers and learning of upcoming Zumba® events in NYC. Members of this group share information about Zumba® parties, community events, and other news that is relevant to New York City Zumba® enthusiasts.

Support a Cause

It is the responsibility of each and every one of us to give back to the community that helps us grow and succeed day in and day out. Z Club NY sponsors causes that are near and dear to our heart by contributing to event costs, offering free classes and packages for raffles or auctions, and donating profits from select events to our favorite charities.

If you are interested in partnering with us to plan a community event; contact us at +1-347-709-2582 or

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  • Hi, we are looking to have a Zumba instructor come in once a week after work to give classes for the year 2015. We will be raising funds for ‘health & fitness” charities next year doing many events. Please email me so we can discuss.

  • Gloria Keyloun says:

    Would love to be on your mailing list – fellow ZIN always looking to other ZINs for more inspiration – especially Jam sessions. Thank you!

  • joanna migdal says:

    please count me in for social events…am a member of the Complete gym and am looking forward to your classes.

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